Thank you all very much for your involvement in the August 2020 Annual Owners Meeting.  Everything went very well thanks to the very enthusiastic response from most all our owners.  Most important, we had a quorum.  This kind of interest and involvement can really help us make our condo complex be the best it can be!  So, thank you.

The budget for 2020 (available on the website) was approved.  Also, your new Board of Directors was elected.  Following are the results of the election:

Jennifer Johnson         President         [email protected]

Whitney Pearson         Vice-Pres.        [email protected]

Laura Deland              Treasurer         [email protected]

Chris Bradley              Secretary         [email protected]

Mike Riach                 Director           [email protected]

Cory Thompson          Director           [email protected]

Scott Soderstrom        Director           [email protected]

The length of the terms has not yet been decided.  As soon as that information becomes available, you will receive another email.