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September 26, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

Special meeting called to discuss deck inspections and solutions 

Call to Order: 5:08pm by Laura Deland-President

Board Members Present: Laura Deland-President, Mike Riach-VP, Colleen Daleabout-Treasurer, Jennifer Johnson-Secretary, Don Bell-Director, Sydney McNeal-Director.

Absent: Taran White-Director

Support Staff: Josh Wikel-condo manager

Guest: Chris Dredge of Dredge’s Construction

Topics for Discussion:

Deck Inspections and solutions

Credit card for the manager

Additional Mail chimp access person

Deck Construction

*It was discovered that unit 129 has experienced extensive damage that includes under the deck and under the slider and into the unit. Inspection shows that the sub floor under the deck and into the unit have rotted out due to the deck and door being on the same level. As a pushed out unit, there is no support beam under the sliding door. It is reasonable to assume that on units that have been pushed out, this is a common problem. The support joists run from side wall to side wall so there is nothing to pick up the weight of the wall if it is sitting between joists. On upper decks, unless a header was installed during the remodel, there is inadequate support and water/snow can eventually work its way into the unit.

*Chris of Dredge Construction has discovered problems of the same kind in varying degrees on the decks that he has inspected. Units with original decks do not have the same severity of damage. However, due to the original construction’s failure to adequately slope decks and drop them far enough below the sliders to drain water away from the deck doors and walls, there has still been water breachment.

*Some decks will need some repair and other decks will need much more. According to Chris Dredge decks will need to be rebuilt in order to slope them appropriately for drainage.

*The board is looking at materials for deck covering that will keep water from seeping through or draining between the covering and the deck walls.

*Deck covering that the board is considering was discussed. Josh has samples in the office for owners who want to look at it. It is called Weather Tek. It has a 15 year warranty.

*If a deck is in good condition, owners will not have to tear out their deck just to make it appear uniform. However, If an owner makes changes or repairs to their deck, they will then be required to make it match the rest of the decks regarding final covering.


*The HOA has hired an engineer to examine and give an opinion and structural solution to the issues with the decks.


*Private insurance of the owner of 129 has denied the claim for damages.

*The HOA is going to try filing a general liability claim for the entire complex. More information will follow after we hear from the adjustors.

Credit Card for Manager

Motion by Laura DeLand to authorize a credit card for Josh Wikel (manager) with a limit of $2500. 2nd by Don Bell. All in favor.

Repairs to Mike’s Deck

Board authorized Mike to complete the repairs to his deck, including the siding and the weather tek covering. His unit will be used as a prototype.

Mailchimp access

Colleen is going to check into whether or not we can have more than one person access and use mailchimp.

Meeting adjourned at 6:23pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary