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October 21, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

Special meeting called to follow up on deck inspections and solutions 

Call to Order: 7:09pm by Laura Deland-President

Board Members Present: Laura Deland-President, Mike Riach-VP, Colleen Daleabout-Treasurer, Jennifer Johnson-Secretary, Taran-director

Absent: Don Bell and Sydney McNeal-directors

Support Staff: Josh Wikel-manager

Topics for Discussion:

Deck Inspections and solutions

Statement by Laura Deland

*We now have knowledge that 2 decks are leaking and are therefore legally obligated to take/authorize action on those 2 decks at the very least.

*According to the owner of unit 128, there have been additional leaks from 228 into his bedroom and bathroom. As of this meeting he has not notified the owner of 228 of the new damage. His insurance company, according to him, has said that if he has any more leak claims he will be at risk of losing his insurance or experiencing a significant increase in rates.

Mike’s Report from Engineer

*2 things we asked the engineer to examine: 1). Site drainage-over the years we’ve added landscaping has raised the grade higher than the buildings forcing water from the downspouts back in under the building. Solution is to add soil under the deck spaces against the footing to raise the grade above the landscaping. Extend the drain pipes away from the building.

2). Deck framing- Floor and Deck on both interior and exterior are the same level.

*Any deck that has been pushed out will be inspected for the installation of a support beam. Engineer recommends that any decks that are damaged should be replaced in accordance with new building codes that allow for slope away from the buildings. He submitted a full report with specs and detailed recommendations.


Per our by-laws, the Board can authorize the repairs to fix any decks that have damage, sagging, rot, etc. The cost will then be billed to the individual homeowner, per bylaws regarding limited common areas.


  1. Request the contractor to give a report on each individual deck/unit.
  2. Motion by Jennifer to authorize Dredge Construction to do the necessary repairs to units 227, 228, 127, 128, and finish repairs on 129 and 229 and continue the inspections through the rest of the building and provide a report on the extent of the damage per unit. Then the board will contact each owner to let them know what was found, the approximate cost and request feedback/comments before authorizing the repairs. Laura gave second. Passed unanimously.
  3. Board will contact the attorney to seek advice on sending a letter to our insurance company to see if we can push them to a decision in our favor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary