(Adopted by Board of Directors July 5, 2019)

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  1. Unit owners are responsible for informing their guests and renters of the rules of CDS.
  2. The lobby area is available for limited use by unit owners and tenants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Owners and tenants may schedule use of the lobby by obtaining permission from the Board or its managing agent.
  3. A number of Sandpoint residents(non-owners) have been using our pools, lawns, courts and lake access. This represents a liability issue to all owners. Please help monitor abuse and feel free to ask someone to leave if they are not an owner, renter or guest of such.
  4. In the event of an emergency/perceived emergency, the managing agent and any other persons authorized by the Board of Directors has the right to enter any unit to respond to the situation. An attempt to provide a 24hr. notice to enter, for the purpose of performing non-emergency, authorized installations, alterations, or repairs to the common elements, will be given.
  5. Posting of signs, advertising, solicitations or picketing shall not be allowed without prior written authorization by the Board of Directors or its managing agent.
  6. Primary contact for any questions or concerns shall be the managing agent. Email: or 208-263-7595 (this is a cell phone) A message may be left and will be responded to as soon as is possible.

House Rules:

  1. Unlawful, improper, unsafe, disturbing or offensive activities in any unit or common area are prohibited.
  2. Smoking/Vaping is not allowed on Condo Del Sol property. This includes inside ANY building, unit, decks or lawns.
  3. Loud or disturbing noises are not allowed. Reduced noise levels required between 10 pm and 8 am.
  4. Construction activities only allowed between 8am-5pm. Required Permits must be posted. Manager to be notified when workers will be on-site for any work to be done in any unit.
  5. Any remodeling which proposes to cause an alteration to the building’s exterior, or any interior changes that affect the building’s structural integrity, must be approved in writing by the board of directors or its designee. The board, may at its discretion, require plans, drawings, engineering services, permits, etc.
  6. BBQing is allowed only in the designated BBQ area.
  7. Personal belongings or refuse shall not be stored on any common or limited common areas including under stairways, under buildings, on lawn areas or in parking areas. Exceptions to this rule are flower pots, doormats and flags. Bikes and scooters are to be stored only in designated bike racks provided throughout the common area.
  8. Fireworks or other explosive devices are NOT allowed on the property.
  9. Posting of signs, advertising, solicitations or picketing shall not be allowed without prior written authorization by the Board of Directors or its managing agent.
  10. Garments, rugs, towels or other objects shall not be hung or displayed from windows, balconies/railings.
  11. All windows should be draped, and coverings, as seen from the outside, shall be white.
  12. Owners and tenants are responsible for keeping hallways, entryways, and lanais clean and orderly.
  13. PETS: No more than 2 domesticated pets per unit
    All pets must be on a leash or kept in a portable carrier at all times when out of the owner’s unit.
    POOP – all owners, regardless of weather, are responsible for picking up and properly discarding all litter and droppings deposited by their pet.
    Pets are permitted on the lawn when walking to and from the potty area, the boat docks, a car, etc. They are always permitted in the walking/potty area and must be on a leash. Pets are allowed to potty ONLYin the marked potty area near the volleyball court. Absolutely NO pottying on the grass around or near the lake wall, pools or buildings.


  1. Any and all posted pool rules must be followed.
  2. Pool hours are generally 9-9 Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  3. Gates to pools must be securely closed when entering or exiting the pool.
  4. Children in diapers must wear a “specified for swimming” diaper in the pool area.
  5. Children under 13 MUST be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older (STATE LAW).
    The person supervising the child MUST be within the pool fence-not sitting on a deck.
  7. Appropriate pool toys only. No oversized toys that take up a large portion of the water.
  8. No pets within the fenced pool area and definitely NOT in the pool water.
  9. Owners, renters, and their guests are the ONLY allowed users of pools. As an owner or renter, if you have an invited guest, you must accompany them at the pool. Please see the By-Laws/ Condo Declarations for the detailed requirements regarding non-resident guests at the pools. The number of guests may not result in “overwhelming an amenity to the exclusion of other owners/renters.” (no clubs, leagues or organized groups)


  1. No food or glass containers allowed in the court areas…non-breakable water bottles only.
  2. Use the courts only as intended for the appropriate sport.
  3. In fenced areas, gates must be closed upon entering or exiting court area.
  4. No black soled shoes that leave scuff marks on the court surface.


  1. Each occupied unit is allowed a maximum of 2 vehicles, not counting occasional visitors.
  2. Each occupied unit shall be entitled to one parking space adjoining the buildings.  Additional vehicles shall be parked away from the buildings.
  3. Vehicles parked in non-designated areas shall be subject to removal at owner’s expense.
  4. No repairs, servicing or rebuilding of any motorized vehicles, including watercraft, is authorized anywhere on the Association property.
  5. Vehicle and boat/boat trailer storage on the property is not allowed. (see manager for other arrangements)
  6. Vehicles must be moved, when requested, for snow removal or general maintenance. Failure to do so may result in the removal of vehicle at owner’s expense. 


The Board of Directors has authorized the manager to enforce these rules. The manager may issue written or verbal warnings for rules violations, and/or may impose fines for said violations. Any fine for rules violations shall be an assessment against the unit owner and shall be collected in the same manner as any other assessment.

Unit owners are responsible for tenants and guests on the property, and rules violations by themselves, tenants, and/or guests may result in fines against the unit owner. Any unit assessed a fine for a single rules violations of $100 or more, may appear before the Board of Directors and request an abatement of said fine.