Condo Del Sol HOA Board of Directors Meeting

April 17, 2021

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Board Members Present: Chris Bradley,President; Whitney Pearson, VP; Laura Deland, Treasurer; Jennifer Johnson, Secy; Scott Soderstrom, Cory Thompson, Mike Riach (by phone)

Call to Order: Meeting started at 3:36pm

Approval of Dec 2020Financials: Approved

Managers Report: Scott Kindred

  1. Auto heat control under the buildings will, by next winter, have a light indicator at the water shut-off switches that will tell us if the heaters are on or off, working or something is wrong. The sensor goes inside the heater. Main breakers to the heaters will also be located near the water shut off. Currently someone has to crawl under the buildings twice a year to turn them on and off. Different thermostats will also be installed. It will be manually flipped on at beginning of winter and off at end.
  2. Auto water valves weren’t working in building I and it turned out that one of the 3 transformers had been stolen. They’ll be locked up (located under the stairwell) from now on.
  3. BBQ area has a new wood cover. 2 cement floor/wood covered pavilions have been built that have electricity and a router for wifi. Herb garden separates the two structures that are drip line watered. Rock will be added for low maintenance and BBq is getting a face lift and additional gas grills.
  4. We are switching from Ting to Vyve. Better broadband, better price, better terms. Price will be locked in for 5 years. Supposed to make the switch end of June. We will give Ting the required 90 day notice. A condo employee will accompany Vyve tech in the units when hooking up the inside portion. Vyve says they won’t have to dig up the grounds. If owners want additional TV beyond the package being offered they will be able to set up a separate account with Vyve.
  5. City waived the variance requirement for the gate so we can now move forward with design and installation of gate. Scott will get permits and plans. Back gate doesn’t need a permit as it is a gate replacement. We can make both gates 7 feet if we choose. Cory will contact the gate company and get pictures so we can settle on a design.
  6. AC units. The company we’d negotiated installation with has decided not to do it. Scott will continue to look for a company to install the AC units. Condensers will go under the decks. The bylaws disallow condensers on the exteriors of the buildings. $3000 for lower unit base price and $6000 for the upper units base price.
  7. Storage sheds are on the schedule for the 3rd One homeowner communicated that we need to get a vote of the homeowners to use the common space for the new storage units. Homeowners previously voted for the concept of adding storage units but we didn’t have a firm plan. Homeowners now need to vote on location. We need 44 units to have one for each condo. Board decided to put the storage units on the project list for next year. In the meantime, we will install a fence on the south property line where the storage units will go. When the storage buildings go in the fence will be relocated to the open area between tennis courts and existing fence.
  8. New pool furniture coming, new pool heaters, pools should be open in May sometime. Pool concrete will be repaired and stained. New locks are going on pool and tennis court gates.
  9. Roof replacement will start this year with the worst ones being replaced first. Plan is to have them all re-roofed. It may take up to 3 years. Broken gutters and downspout pipes will be fixed and/or replaced.
  10. Insulation is still going into the buildings that have not yet been completed. Hopefully completed by winter.
  11. Garden beds have been cleaned and prepped for the season and weeded. Outside water is on and driplines and times will be in this week. Lawn has been aerated, once pre winter and once this spring. Fertilizer is on and new heads are being added to improve watering. We have a new lawn timer that is controlled by phone. This means making changes to the schedule is faster. Rock has been added to low spots and a new filter has been installed on the pump system to stop the heads and valves from getting plugged with lake water debris.
  12. Keypad locks from the pools will be moved to the dock gates.
  13. Paddleboard storage areas at each end of the complex.
  14. Tennis courts will be hot water blasted to kill the mold. Pickleball lines will be painted on.
  15. Milfoil was treated in front of the entire complex. Discussed making milfoil treatment an annual maintenance issue automatically initiated by the manager.
  16. Clarified the chain of command for Scott, and clarified the process of making sure that all board members are part of all decisions. Clarified that if a repair or maintenance is under $2500, Scott can just go ahead and do it.

Financial Report:

Cash in operating account: $73,545
Cash in reserve account: $288,561
Accounts receivable: $14,723 (Scott and Marianne have cleaned up most of the odd situations)

Restricted Funds:

Please refer, on the website, to “Internal Fund Accounting—Restricted Funds 2021 in the financial report. We transfer 12,500 into this account quarterly if the money is available. This is for building up our reserves and to also fund designated future projects, repairs and extra-ordinary maintenance.

We haven’t funded the reserve account for the first quarter because the board chose to use that money on a collection of projects (pavilions, BBq cover, paddleboard sheds, pool furniture, etc)

Discussion about declaring a minimum amount for the reserve account that we will never go below.

A rough standard required by some states would be 6 months of expenses. We chose $300,000 as a reserve fund that we won’t go below. We can borrow temporarily from it to fund a large expense but we then replace it. Goal will be to budget for projects each year and try to maintain the dues without increases. 

Kudos to Marianne for creating the financials in such a way as they are easy to understand! She spends lots of time on our behalf.


Discussed the wire fencing going across the steps and considered putting in a permanent gate that is easy to open. Would block the geese and keep young children from accidentally going down the stairs.

No decision made.

New Business:

  1. Put big letters on the buildings so it is easy to find a unit.
    Motion by Laura to put large easy to see letters on each building. 2nd by Cory. Scott S will be the board member working with Scott K to get that done. Passed by all.
  2. Motion by Laura to have Jennifer take over office of secretary. 2nd by ? Passed by all.
  3. Rules review before finalizing the changes. Current rules will be posted on the website.
  4. Discussed Bylaws changes to bring before the homeowners at the annual meeting. Rental limits, term limits and insurance were discussed. Will have a follow up meeting re: changes to present to owners for a vote. Changes/additions will require a super majority.

Motion to adjourn to executive Session.

Meeting adjourned 6:18.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary