ATTENTION ALL CONDO DEL SOL OWNERS: Please complete the secure form below if you have not already, or download the PDF version and return it to our office.

Please note:  You cannot park your boat trailer in the condo parking lot.  You will have to find another location.

Boat owners must provide the office with a copy of their insurance and their boat registration before any boats can be parked at the dock.  Any renters using your slip will have to provide proof of insurance and registration prior to parking at the dock.

Please be sure you are following the required water shutoff policy.  Above the water locks is a lock box with code “1234” with a key inside. 

If you change the lock on your front door you are required to provide the office with the new key. 

Please Note:  The reason for the water shut-off is to reduce water damage by leaks when you are not in your condo.  Any more claims for water damage, we might face difficulty in getting insurance in the future. One owner has already been denied homeowners insurance due to water damage claims.

Please be aware that is now a  “non-smoking complex”.

The code on the gate at the back end of the parking lot:  Code is 911. Use only for emergencies.

We are having problems with pets on the premises, and the owner’s not cleaning up after them.  You must follow the rules, or you will be fined.

See “Rules” and “Water Shut-off Policy” on the website.

Owner's Annual Update Form

Do you have a storage unit?

Do you own a boat slip?

Do you rent out either your storage unit or boat slip?

Do you have a water shut off key?

Do you know you are supposed to shut off your water when you leave?

Do you know how to turn off the water?