Any homeowner wanting to have door hardware replacement, screen door replacement, and/or exterior door replacement, the board has approved the direction to be followed:

Notification for any replacement of door hardware, screen door, door, and exterior paint must be made to the Condo Del Sol Property Manager. The manager will assure homeowners are following the below direction and inspect when completed.

  1. door-lockThe board has discussed and approved any homeowner that requests door hardware replacement, they are to contact North Idaho Lock and Key, 208-263-0456, for replacement.  North Idaho Lock and Key is aware of the model and bronze color that must be used. You can also email them at [email protected]
  2. The board has discussed and approved any homeowner that requests screen door replacement, the requirement is to replace it with a dark bronze finish screen door, model not required.
    ***Note, it is not a requirement to have a screen door.
  3. The board has discussed and approved any homeowner that requests front door replacement; they are to replace it with a fiberglass exterior entry door. The door can be ordered by Home Depot in Sandpoint and the make is Codel Doors or Jeld-Wen which will match the 2-panel layout.  See the attached report and contact information from Kim in Millworks, Home Depot. (See Home Depot Door Information)
  4. As far as to paint requirements, because the doors are in a limited common area, we are requiring the homeowner to oversight their contractor to paint the door correctly to the specific paint color description currently used, and to have the Condo Del Sol Manager inspect the door for compliance.

Manager, Scott Kindred, must be notified prior to the installation of the door and hardware.