To all Condo Del Sol Homeowners:

January 2020



The ANNUAL OWNER’S MEETING will be held, Sunday, July 5, 2020 at 10 AM.  This will be a hosted Brunch with Mimosas!!  Again, meeting will be in the clubhouse.  Also, please submit topics for the agenda to Jennifer Johnson (secretary, see her email below.)  It is very important that you attend this meeting or provide your Proxy to another owner if you cannot attend.  Last year we did not have a quorum so no votes could be taken.  We need to make sure we have a quorum this year, so make every effort to attend or send in your Proxy.  A copy of the Proxy form will be posted on the WEBSITE soon.

The next QUARTERLY MEETING of the Board of Directors has been scheduled.  Meeting will be held Friday, April 24, 2020 in the clubhouse.  Agenda will be posted on the website just prior to the meeting.  If you have suggested topics that you would like added to the agenda for discussion, please see above contact information.

Please fill out the “OWNER’S ANNUAL UPDATE FORM”  for 2020.  This form can be filled out on the website, printed off the website,  or you can request a copy from the office. If you sell your condo, please provide new owner information to the manager.

Without intruding on owners’ privacy, we are trying to make it easy to keep track of who is on the property for the purpose of emergencies and parking. We have included a form that all owners will be responsible for providing to the manager when your units are rented out or you have overnight guests. To make this easy, the forms (Visitor/Renter Information Form) will be available outside the office.  The forms (once completed) should be deposited in the box outside of the office. This form will also be available on the Website.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the owner to make sure visitors are aware of the requirements and have access to the units.

If you use a rental agency, please make sure that they complete this form every time and submit it to CDS.  Again, this is the responsibility of the owner.

We are considering installing a gated entrance with some sort of pass code to control the traffic through Condo Del Sol.  Please attend the Annual Owner’s Meeting, July 5, 2020 as we will be discussing this possibility.

The owners who have boat slips have also received a MARINA/BOAT SLIP REGISTRATION form for registering their boat for the season and for providing proof of insurance. Please return the form when you return the owner information sheet. Copies of these forms can be found and returned on the website. 

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!  You are required to notify our manager when you have onsite repairs, maintenance or remodels. We will have a form for workmen to fill out when they are on the property.  Form will be in the box on the front of the office. This is required when any work is being done onsite. Form also provided on the website.

If using any marina facilities, please refer to website for Marina Rules.

Please be sure you are following the required water shutoff policy when you leave your condo unattended.  Above the water locks is a lockbox with code “1234” with a key inside.  Please remember to put the key back in the box when you are done. One owner has been denied insurance on their unit as a result of water damage when they were gone. It is imperative that we all shut off our water when we leave.

We are working on making our website as comprehensive as possible.  So far, we have important updates, meeting announcements, required forms, financial information, annual budget, minutes of the meetings, homeowner rules, and by-laws.   To enter the “OWNER’S AREA” you need the password “condo”.  All the forms that we use now and that we might add in the future will be available on the website and can usually be filled out right online.

Please plan on attending the annual Homeowners meeting in July. We will be able to answer questions and give you insight as to how we make decisions on your behalf. We welcome constructive input and your ideas on solutions to things that are important to all of us.

Manager, Scott Kindred. The office email address is: [email protected].

Your CDS Board,


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