Now that winter has arrived please be respectful of other owners, tenants and of the snow removal personnel.  On snow days we will be plowing the main driveway before the commute hours and then after 9 am. We ask that all homeowners, please move your cars to the area by the lawns so we can plow the parking lot.  If one or more cars don’t do this, we end up unable to keep the parking spaces clear of snow.  Please help us with this for both safety and cost issues.  Also in consideration of your neighbors!

**** If you have more than one vehicle, please do not leave your second vehicle in front of the units for days, weeks or months at a time.  Please park second vehicles by the fields, so that other owners and tenants can park closer to their units.

Attention all owners that rent your unit:  Please print out these instructions and display prominently in your condo so any renters are aware of these rules.  Also, make sure your property managers are aware of these rules, so they can pass it on to the renters.

If you have any questions, please read the rules on the website or call 208-263-7595.

Thank you,
Condo Del Sol Homeowners Association