We have reached the end of June and are getting ready for 4th of July weekend. We have finished planting and transferring plants and bulbs, and this week we will be in maintenance mode on the beds. Our focus is to keep them clean and cut for the rest of this season. We have plans for next year, which will start in the spring, with work being done on the two islands that need help: the one between building B and C and the one on the north corner of building H.

We are also going to be planting a lot of trees this fall or next spring, depending on weather and availability. The lawns were finally cut down to 4 inches last Tuesday after going almost two weeks of not being cut. Unfortunately it could never get dry enough to get any kind of equipment on them. Last Friday they were cut back down to normal height.

The lawns really have really filled in and we added some sodium for ph soil adjustment the week before last, and the grass did respond well. We are still fighting the flock of geese and I just purchased some items that might help discourage them. One method we are trying is blocking off the stairwells to the lake with wire barriers. Unfortunately, they keep getting taken down every time we put them up. We are hoping to keep the geese off the lawn that are coming in from the lake, so please put the gate back if you take it down.

We will be weeding the gravel in front of the buildings again this week and should be able to add organic weed killer now that the rain has subsided. This will allow us to keep the weeds in check for the rest of the season. We put a 100-foot hose with a spray nozzle at the kayak area next to building I. It is there to wash off your boat and  the launch area if the geese come to visit. Please use it, and when you are done please turn off the hose bib on the building and roll the hose back up for the next person.

A new frost-free hydrant has been installed by the tennis court, where people used to wash their cars. Shortly after we found that the main line going to the hydrant is broken somewhere. In the next week or two I will be installing a new system.



Pools are being used a lot this year, even during the rainy weather we recently had. However, we are still having an issue with the gate lock. Someone is either standing on the gate handle to climb over, thus making it spin off its intended position and face down, or someone is really, really pulling down on the handle to make it slip. Two things to take away from this :
1) When the outside handle is spun down in that position you cannot open the door.
2) The handle was not designed to be moved this way, and to fix it you have to remove a set screw, and then use a screwdriver to loosen the handle pin and rotate the handle pin back into position.

DO NOT GRAB THE HANDLE AND FORCE IT BACK.  These actions will break the lock, and a replacement costs almost $300. If you see someone doing this please let me know so I can handle it. Also, an important thing to keep in mind, if someone is trying to climb over and into the pool they most likely do not have the code and therefore are not supposed to be there.

The pool lock was installed, thanks to your board, to give you the control over use of the pool, and to not be asked if you are an owner or a visitor of a unit as you enjoy your time at the pool. So far the code has been given out. I have caught several non-owners that were using the pool, and they know that if they come back they will be cited for trespassing. The Sandpoint police have been very good about this for us. If you have a guest come over please walk them down to the pool so that you may open the door for them; they do not need to know the code. By giving out the code we are allowing non-owners to come back and use the pool without the owner whenever they please.

In addition, to the person that has figured out how to open the door with the code and then make it not lock after closing please stop. Again the code was implemented at the majority request to stop unwanted or unwelcome people from using the pool. If the door does not lock, anyone can come in and use the pool.



I know it is easy to say it is not here and it will not pass along to anyone, but it takes just one person to start a spread. If one person does not follow social distancing, including self-monitoring or quarantining, especially after returning from another state, that puts everyone that surrounds them at risk. I saw it happen last week when a local returned from a long vacation in Hawaii. They spent the first three days back socializing and returned to work, without implementing any proper COVID preventative measures. Soon after they started to feel unwell and ended up testing positive for the virus. That single person has put each and every one of their co-workers and customers at risk, as well as their friends and family. Now they all need to be tested to make sure they do not transmit the virus to others, especially those with health and/or respiratory issues.

We have had 4 cases during the shutdown. As of today we have 24 confirmed cases, and that number is climbing daily. Please be considerate of your actions and other people. To keep everyone on the property safe and to prevent any possible spread of the virus, the club house is shut down until further notice.

We truly hope this summer can be enjoyed by all. Stay safe and responsible. As always, we appreciate your input on everything.