To all owners,

In the spirit of keeping you all up to date so you can make your own informed decisions, Condo Del Sol has had a second COVID-positive person using our CDC facilities. Scott has had direct contact with the latest case, so he is trying to get a COVID test from the Bonner Public Health department and will self-quarantine for 14 days, or until he has a negative test, whichever comes first. He has been directed to stay off site, except to go into his office. He will wear a mask, gloves and see no one while on site.

The clubhouse has been closed all summer and will continue to be until further notice. Of course, the clubhouse will be sanitized prior to any opening at a date not yet determined. The pools are being cleaned by the person Scott trained earlier this season. Scott has the phone and will manage things as much as possible from home. His exposure was 7 days ago, so his self-quarantine will continue through next Saturday, July 18.

The Board encourages everyone to use the CDC guidelines when using common areas of Condo Del Sol. These guidelines are posted on each swimming pool gate or may be found on the CDC website.

Much thanks,
Condo Del Sol Board