2021 Absentee Ballot – Board of Directors and Voting Items for the Annual HOA Meeting


Below is your 2021 absentee ballot. This year, you will be voting on two (2) Board of Director candidates, the approval of the 2021 budget, and three (3) items for the annual HOA.

Board Candidates

The three Board of Director Candidates are listed below. You can click on their names to view more information about the candidate. A new window/tab will open so you will not lose your place. Please Note: You may vote for the same board member twice (cumulative voting). The two Board Candidates with the most votes will be elected to the Board.


2021 Annual Budget

To view the proposed 2021 Annual Budget, click here.




ADDITIONAL STORAGE UNITS: The use of the southern property line (behind the basketball pad) and turning left along the fenced property line for the construction of an additional 44 storage units, to be funded by the owners of condos that currently do not have storage, in exchange for a pre-determined number of years of no rent. The storage units will be owned by the HOA in the same way that the docks and other storage units are owned by the HOA. Approval only requires a simple majority of the quorum present at the meeting in person or by proxy or by online voting.


ONE VOTE PER CONDO:  Currently our declarations/by-laws state that voting is tallied based on the percentages set forth in the declarations when the complex was built. The percentage is based on the size and location of each condo. The percentage was originally set up for the purpose of calculating assessments. A larger unit was assigned a larger percentage and therefore a larger assessment. The voting tally was also declared to be based on the percentages. For example, one unit might be 1.357 and another might be 1.458, while others could be 2.042 etc. Tallying votes becomes a bit of challenge using these numbers. The board is recommending a change to the by-laws to simplify the voting process. ** This change requires a super majority approval of 66 2/3 of owners, as it would be a by-law change.

**If approved we will have our attorney draft the amendment change using the appropriate legalese.


ELECTRONIC VOTING:  During COVID we used electronic online voting since we could not meet in person. Article II, Section 9 of the bylaws currently states that voting can be done in person or by proxy. Since owners can now provide proxies online to establish a quorum, we need to update the bylaws to reflect online voting as an accepted  form of balloting. In the past, we have electronically voted via email so this is simply a clarification. Electronic voting allows for a more honest election and limits a handful of owners from controlling the outcome of a vote via physical/paper proxies. As a by-law amendment, this clarification requires 66 2/3 of owners voting for approval.**

**If approved, our attorney will draft the amendment with the appropriate legalese.



2021 Absentee Ballot