As I am sure some of you have heard, there is a bit of a community surge in the virus just recently.  Several restaurants have been closed down.  As a result, your board has decided that an open meeting for all owner’s is not prudent at this time.

The annual meeting will be rescheduled for some time around labor day.  We will see what procedures will be required at that time.  We will have in place a procedure to tally proxys and to conduct a vote regarding election of the board of directors.

Anyone interested in becoming a board member is invited to join the upcoming meetings via zoom.  Please contact Scott if you want an invitation to the meeting.  There will also be an email going to all owners with an invite to the meeting being held July 3 at 5PM.  If there are items you would like to see discussed at the July 3rd meeting, please send your request to the office email:   [email protected].

There are six (6) positions on the board up for election that need to be filled:  Carol Waldenburg (Pres.), Kerry Beasley (VP), Jennifer Johnson (Secretary).  And board members, John Sherrick, Joe Plizga, and Mike Riach.  All board members, with the exception of Carol Waldenburg and Joe Plizga, are willing to serve another term if so elected. 

The following individuals have expressed interest in becoming board members:  Chris Bradley, Corey Thompson, and Whitney Pearson.  Anyone else interested in a board position should contact the condo manager, Scott Kindred who is on property most of the time or call and leave a message.