What makes you want to be on the board?

Being a new owner at Condo del Sol, I would love to be more involved with the homeowners and happenings and help in any way I can.

What would you like to see accomplished with the property (projects, how it is run, etc?) while you serve on the Board?

I have seen many new projects happening and would enjoy contributing to new projects and ideas that homeowners will have in the future.

Are there specific skills, knowledge, experience that you feel would benefit Condo Del Sol?

I have been the Vice President of my current Home Owners Association for the past five years.

Is there anything you’d like to see changed if elected to the board?

At this time I do not have any specific changes in mind and am impressed with how many positive changes have been happening.

How long have you owned a unit at CDS?

I have owned unit 213 for 6 months.

What are 2 important things to you about spending time at CDS?

Two important things for me when spending time at CDS are being with family and friends and enjoying what the complex has to offer.

Are there any negatives for you when spending time at CDS?

There are no negatives for me when spending time at CDS.