What makes you want to be on the board?

I’ve served on the board for 5 years; I feel we have accomplished a lot.  I have lived in Sandpoint for over 30 years, I’ve been on several other boards and feel I bring experience and balance to the board.

What would you like to see accomplished with the property (projects, how it is run, etc?) while you serve on the Board?

We have a list of projects that need to be completed, and several more coming once prices come down, and we can find people to work, Scott can’t do it alone.

Are there specific skills, knowledge, experience that you feel would benefit Condo Del Sol?

I’m open minded but still can be firm when I need to.

Is there anything you’d like to see changed if elected to the board?

No, I think we are on track, and getting much accomplished.

How long have you owned a unit at CDS?

Since 2001

What are 2 important things to you about spending time at CDS?

Appearance of the grounds, pool and marina.

Are there any negatives for you when spending time at CDS?

We need to get the complex secured.  Probably the biggest for me right now.