What makes you want to be on the board?

I have been on the board for the past 3 years. We have started many projects that I would like to see to completion. I also have a really good working relationship with our manager Scott and would like to continue supporting his efforts as we complete the projects. I was part of the board who hired him and believe he is the best part of the condo association.

What would you like to see accomplished with the property (projects, how it is run, etc?) while you serve on the Board?

I would love to see more involvement on the part of the owners. 2 summers back some of the board members and owners put in over 100 man hours working on the landscape around the south pool. This summer I planted herbs and tomatoes in the area between the pavilions for all the owners to use and enjoy.  There are other owners who’ve stepped up and offered to help Scott. I know of one owner who insulated the space under his unit and it made a huge difference on his heating bill. Scott has been trying to hire someone to complete that project and there is a labor shortage. We are a small complex and sometimes there simply are not people available to hire to complete some of the jobs needing done on the property.

Are there specific skills, knowledge, experience that you feel would benefit Condo Del Sol?

 I am becoming very knowledgeable on the by-laws and declarations and of what is required of the board to truly represent the majority of owners. Some of our decisions are tough to make but they are always focused on limiting risk and maintaining/increasing the value of your investment. I have been a business owner for 30 years and that provides experience in a wide range of areas. I understand the budget/project/bidding process and have the same standards for the condo budgets as my own. I am proud of the fact that we have accomplished so much in the past 3 years and not raised the annual dues. That is directly and 100% attributable to Scott’s skill and background in construction, bidding, and his willingness to do much of the work.

Is there anything you’d like to see changed if elected to the board?

We would benefit from some by-law changes. Also, the community at large has used the condo amenities for the past 40+ years. That represents a huge liability to all the owners. It also led to ongoing vandalism last summer when we began to ask non-residents to leave. It will take the owners working together to change that. I would like to see more personal attention to the rules, especially around dogs, pool use and parking. Kindness, respect and a sense of community are good goals.

How long have you owned a unit at CDS?

Our family has owned there for 45 years.

What are 2 important things to you about spending time at CDS?

Relaxing and creating great memories with my granddaughters, family and friends.

Are there any negatives for you when spending time at CDS?

Disregard of some of the owners/renters for others. Glass in the pool areas and having to watch where I walk so as to not step in dog poo. Disrespect and unreasonable demands of Scott that aren’t part of his job.