Condo Del Sol Annual General Homeowners Meeting

July 23, 2021

Board Members Present: Chris Bradley, President; Whitney Pearson, VP; Laura Deland, Treasurer; Jennifer Johnson, Sec’y; Cory Thompson, Mike Riach (by phone) Absent: Scott Soderstrom

Also Present: Manager Scott Kindred

Meeting: started at 6:10pm

Quorum: Established that we had a quorum.

*At the beginning of the meeting one homeowner stated that he believed this to be an illegal meeting based on proxy collection/voting. We moved forward with a modified meeting until we could consult with an attorney to direct us.

(Subsequent to the meeting, we were told by our attorney that our process was legal which meant the business conducted at the meeting was legal.)

Owners present: multiple owners present in person and via zoom. (due to technical difficulties, our Canadian owners weren’t able to get into the zoom meeting.)

Proof of Meeting: A notice of meeting email was sent to all homeowners prior to the required deadline and an announcement of meeting was posted on website.

Reading of Minutes of 2020 general meeting: Homeowners were directed to read them on the website.

Report of Officers: No reports so Chris called for Scott to give the manager’s report. Jennifer confirmed a quorum established between proxies and attendees.

Manager’s Report:

Projects that were approved in 2020 are still being worked on. There have been many delays due to both excessive material costs and labor shortages.

  • Gates for front and back have been delayed as the cost jumped from $12,000 to $25,000. As Scott looked for alternative suppliers, the cost began to come back down.
  • Fencing materials for perimeter of property skyrocketed and are now coming down.
  • City was blocking the location and height of the gate and finally agreed that we don’t need a permit and we can size them to 7’ high.
  • We put a temporary fence on the back of the property until the storage units can be built.
  • Storage units went from $1250 per unit to more than double. Lumber prices are coming back down so Scott is preparing to start on that project again as soon as he can arrange with the contractor.
  • Locked Paddleboard sheds are available at both ends of the parking lot.
  • The pavilions are constructed. There is still detail work to finish but they are functional.
  • Lost our landscapers in June. They sent out a letter saying that they were only operating with 65% of their anticipated labor and were cancelling our contract. Up until that time they were billing the association for work that they hadn’t done and that Scott was doing. Scott objected to the wrongful billing.
  • Pool decks were repaired and painted. Will need another coat of paint next year and then should last quite awhile.
  • New doors under the decks are on target for completing. Again, shortage of reliable labor has delayed that project. But the doors are lockable, will prevent the cold air from blowing freely under the units and the vents will facilitate appropriate air flow.
  • The locks and the welded boxes on the pool gates have done the job of keeping the general public out. There are a lot fewer people in the pools so the owners are able to use the pool with less chaos.
  • Basically everything has taken much longer than originally anticipated due to huge cost increases and not being able to hire people to do the work.
  • Roofs and drain pipes are still on hold due to the vendors. They have agreed to a price which they bid prior to the meteoric rise in building, so part of the problem with getting the work done is that they can make more money on other projects so ours is getting delayed.
  • ACs: Everyone Scott talks to about installing has eventually flaked out. In the meantime the cost has gone up by approximately $5000 on lower units and up $6-7000 on the upper units. We have a unit that the board has approved but getting someone to install is the stopper. The one fellow that has given us a higher price point will not guarantee the installation price and has said that each owner will have to talk with him and get a price on their own unit. The claim is that the price increase is due to copper so that means it should eventually come down. (just guessing) Scott has the contact info if an owner wants to move forward.
  • Gates: Owners will have opener fobs. The back gate will be for the use of owners only and will both open and close with a fob only. Guests/renters will use a code on the keypad at the front of the property that will be programmed to stay in the system for the term of the rental. At that point the code will disappear. Owners renting their condo will have to register the renter with the office in order to get a code for the rental. The computer will log each use of the code. The board is considering the pros and cons of also assigning each owner one code to be used for their personal guests so an owner doesn’t have to run out to the gate to let someone in. More discussion to follow. Gates in the front will open automatically to exit.
  • Car wash: We have filed a complaint against the noise from the carwash. The police now have a file to record complaints called in between 10pm and 6am. Scott will send an email with the number to call when the car wash goes off during the quiet hours.

One of our owners gave a shout out to the stellar work that Scott has done on our property and noted that we’ve never had another manager with such a high level of commitment and skill in managing this property. 

New Business:

Dog Park: We’ve done better this year with the volume of the dog waste but still have some problems. We are looking to create a fenced area for pottying and also for letting dogs off leash. We are looking for owner input before moving forward with a formal plan. Last year the board adopted a rule stating that absolutely no renters may have pets on the property. If there are current renters with dogs, they are grandfathered in until they leave. We will enforce the no pet rule for any rentals moving forward. There is a $250 fine for a violation.

Rental Policy Term: According to our attorney, the State created a law or statute that disallows limiting the number of days/nights of a rental as of 2014. Anyone who had limits prior to that law going into effect is grandfathered in. If we make any changes from this point forward, we will lose all control over setting a minimum rental period. This means units could be rented to a different party each night just like a motel.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm.

Election Results:

  1. Laura DeLand and Jennifer Johnson were elected to the open board positions.
  2. Approval of land use for additional storage units. PASSED
  3. One vote per unit. NOT PASSED*
  4. Electronic Voting Clarification in by-laws. NOT PASSED*



Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Sec’y