Condo Del Sol HOA Rental Registration

Please complete our secure Rental Occupant Information Form. Your boat/trailer is allowed in the parking lot on the day/night of arrival and on the day of departure. Please check with our manager, Scott Kindred, in the office for a place to store your trailer during your stay. You can call him at 208-263-7595. Boats/trailers not registered will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Only one vehicle may be parked in front of the building. Other vehicles must park in outer space; only 2 vehicles allowed per unit. This information is REQUIRED to be on file at the Condo Del Sol office prior to occupancy.

By completing this form and adding your digital signature at the bottom, you hereby certify that you have received a copy of the Condo Del Sol Rules and Regulations and will abide by the same.

If you prefer, you can download a PDF version of this form, complete it, and drop it by the CDS office.

HOA Rental Registration Form

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