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CDS Quarterly Special Board Meeting

Zoom-Thursday, September 22, 2022

1. Meeting called to order at 6:05pm

2. Attendees: Mike Riach-president, Laura Deland-VP, Jennifer Johnson-sec’y, Colleen Daleabout, Taran White, Sydney McNeal, Chris Bradley

3. Main Business: Roofs

*Roofs are 22 years old and the board is concerned about pending failure.

*Cost to replace the roofs has gone from $14,000 to over $40,000 per roof.

*Mike and Scott have been reviewing a product called Roof Maxx. It is a soy based oil that is sprayed on an aging roof to replace the diminishing oil that occurs to a roof as it ages. It restores flexibility making the roof less likely to crack and break apart through weather changes. It has a 5 year warranty that diminishes by 20%/year.

*The board members reviewed the information, listened to testimonies of both individual homeowners and property managers of large condo complexes and then discussed its appropriateness for extending the life of our roofs until replacement prices come back down. Scott has had multiple roof related people on our roofs over the last 2 years for repairs, maintenance and inspections. They are definitely reaching the end of their life, some faster than others.

*Motion was made, seconded and passed (6 for and 1 opposed) to have this product sprayed on all the condo roofs except for the office (roof was replaced recently). Cost will be $5000/building. We are getting a reduced price which basically means we are getting 9 buildings sprayed for the cost of 8. The cost will be covered out of the reserve fund and then the board will build the fund back up. The alternative would be a special assessment.

4. Ting Update: Ting is currently replacing the routers with an upgraded modem. The routers were large devices and the modems are only about 3×3. If the homeowner is present during installation the technicians can help the homeowner get the new equipment/system up and running in a few minutes. If the homeowner is not present ( a condo employee or board member will then accompany the technicians into the unit) instructions will be left for how to get the system working. If you have problems, call Ting and they will help with installation instructions.

Meeting adjourned 7:20pm

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary