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October 25, 2023, at 7:00 p.m.


  1. Meeting called to order at 5:07
  2. Board members present: Laura Deland-President, Mike Riach-VP, Colleen Daleabout-Treasurer, Jennifer Johnson-Secretary, Sydney McNeal, Don Bell-Directors. Absent: Taran White
  3. Manager’s Report
    Winterization of sprinklers

Reading of minutes: Annual and 2 special meetings. 9/26, 10/21, 7/8. Minutes approved by all. Colleen motioned to approve. Sydney second

Managers Report:

  • Josh is in process of winterizing the property. That includes pools, blowing out the sprinklers, clearing the hose bibbs, checking heaters under the buildings, kayak racks put away, flower beds cleaned out.
  • Snow removal will be handled by Chris Dredge of Dredge construction. Got 3 bids before deciding.
  • Back gate will be completed this week. Code will be the same as the clubhouse door
  • Front gate is still in process. Josh is looking into a smart phone software for accessing the front gate. There is also a touch pad screen at the gate.
  • Storage Units: 3 contractors came out at the end of summer. All gave bids. All were double what Chris Dredge quoted us at around $3200/unit. The storage units have been put on hold until the decks have a solution. Josh received some nasty phone calls when we decided not to start on the storage buildings. The guys were angry and felt we’d wasted their times.
  • Security Cameras: 360 degree point and zoom cameras that are crystal clear and stored in the cloud. Starting installation the 1st of November. To be done in three phases. First phase will be the front entryway, the clubhouse and the back of the clubhouse surveying the BBQs, grass, tennis courts and close to the volleyball area. Phase 2 will include pools, building B looking at the back gate, the paddleboard shed and that entire area, one that looks at the docks. (Recommendation that when the cameras are in place, we should post a sign saying “Docks under video surveillance. You will be responsible for damage caused by your boat:) Phase 3 will include ***We WILL POST SIGNS THAT THE ENTIRE COMPLEX IS UNDER VIDEO SURVEILLANCE*** once the cameras are live. Board will have further discussion around how we will set up access to keep codes from being given out indiscriminately.
  • Decks: inspections and repair process will be determined by the board and then handed over to Josh for implementation.

Financial report 10 minutes

Unfinished Business:


  • We hired an engineer to look at drainage and the possibility that the buildings had heaved. Josh dug out 2 of the footings for examination and the engineer said that there was no heaving and that the footings were deep enough to prevent that.
  • Mike reported that not only was his deck damaged but the damage had gone under the slider into the unit. Some of the problems were caused when the unit was remodeled. The contractors simply moved the wall out without adding support under the new location of the wall/slider. The weight caused the deck to bow and created a space for water to run under and into the unit. During inspections of each deck we need to know the exact damage to each deck and the cost to repair or replace the deck before the work will be done.

All decks, whether built out or not, are listed in the by-laws as limited common area-which means its use is reserved exclusively for the owner of the unit it is attached to. But they are legally owned by the HOA. By-laws allow for the Board to commission repairs and maintenance and then bill back to the homeowner. Some decks will require more repair and work than others, due to weather exposure, so each owner will be assessed based on their deck rather than doing a complex wide assessment. Building E is the first building undergoing inspections and repair due to the problems with leaking from 2 upstairs units into downstairs units. The contractor has been authorized to repair/replace 6 of the decks in building E since we’ve had problems with those and we have to make sure there is no further damage. We will apply the same decking material to all decks as they are done. The material has temperature requirements for installation so that portion of the repair may have to wait till spring. If a lower unit is being worked on it makes much sense to have the ceiling soffit removed to inspect the upper unit  (from below) for a support beam under the slider/wall of the upper unit. If there is no support beam, one will be installed at that point and billed to the upper unit.

Decks: Don Bell spoke. Recommended that due to the complexity of the problem and solutions (such as decks that are pushed out different distances) we form a committee of owners with the appropriate backgrounds to create specifications and guidelines for all future work/modifications to the decks and for the ongoing repairs/replacements. He recommended that the committee also look into what would have to be done to transfer the ownership of the decks over to each respective owner.

Motion: I move that the association form a committee of people with expertise in the area to explore proper building/rebuilding of the decks as it pertains to decks that have been pushed out and otherwise in all configurations    and that this board provide a mandate to that committee and consider some of these things and add to the mandate that they pursue whether or not it makes sense to transfer the ownership of the deck to the owners, what the pluses and minuses are about doing that and that we ask them to do the appropriate research and bring back to the board, recommendations on a specification for the decks in all areas discussed and whether or not it makes sense to pursue transferring of ownership of the decks to each owner.

Motion was discussed and re-worded to the following: Create a committee to develop the specs for remediation and future building of any alterations to decks: 1 develop specifications for remediation and repairs, in the future, to all decks,  2. Explore the possibility of transferring ownership to the individual owners, and   3. Go back to previous boards and management to find out more history on the past issues of the decks. Repairs are not referring to current emergency repairs that are in process.  Motion by Don Bell. Second by Jennifer Johnson.  All in favor, none opposed. Motion passed.

Insurance denied claim on decks. We are continuing to pursue it. Laura

Complaints, suggestions, and questions. Please send email to: [email protected]

Josh will forward to board members if it’s something he can’t solve. We don’t monitor facebook so please don’t put your issues there.

Questions from Owners:

  • Terry Lederhouse asked how we determine that something is an emergency. Answer: When there is damage or leaks from one unit to another.

Meeting adjourned: 7:00pm