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April 17, 2024, at 5:30 p.m.

  1. Call to Order 5:32pm
  2. Board Member Attendees: Laura Deland-President, Jennifer Johnson-Secy, Colleen Daleabout-Treasurer, Sydney McNeal, Don Bell, Ted Hanbury, Peggy Petersen (appointed to replacy Mike Riach who sold his unit)
  3. Owner attendees: Terry Lederhouse, Keith Bryant, Constantina Red, Janna Jensen, John Sherrick, Patty Riddle
    (Side Note: Josh called at 4:45 to say he wouldn’t make the meeting so there will be no manager’s report today)
  4. Approval of Minutes from January meeting. Ted motioned to approve. Don 2nd. No changes. Approved
  5. Financials
    New bookkeeper printed a P&L. New bookkeeper is Tammy. She is very detailed. There was a discussion regarding more information included in the expenses. She said we need to get a new computer and printer and a few additional details. She will add details under categories so we all know what is included under a category. Tammy is creating an upgraded bookkeeping system including quickbooks online.
  6. Deck Repairs: Ted Hanbury
    • Deck committee founded when a series of leaks were discovered in building E. Committee has interviewed all parties to gather as much information as was available. They interviewed the contractors working on the repairs, talked with the engineer, talked with Josh about his observations and used a company called Peak Inspections to look at the 3 most pressing decks (228,229,230). Holes were drilled from the bottom of the deck (ceiling of the lower units) as well as into the sides to measure moisture content and rot. Didn’t find rot but found some high moisture levels in 229 and 230. There was also a high moisture level in 227 but that was under the railings where some of the bolts were rotting out due to poor caulking/sealing. No significantly high numbers in the joists and timbers that are structural. *Had a group meeting at the condos. Included Mike Rogers (he’s done many renovations at the condos), a tile guy, the committee members. The full report will be available to all owners when the inspections have been completed. Each unit will be listed as to condition and extent of repairs needed. You will be able to learn more at the annual general meeting in July 2024.
    • The costs for repairs will initially be taken from the reserve funds while we wait on a legal opinion regarding charging the repairs back to the unit owners of those decks. More information will be available at the annual Homeowners meeting in July.
    • Long explanation around the effectiveness of caulking by professionals vs homeowners in order to prevent future damage.
    • List of 51 lower decks and 4 upper decks that were inspected by the group that met on-site. The group created a report based on current coatings on the decks including tile, carpet and vinyl as well as nothing, as to how much each was degraded. There is a full report on which units were in the most critical condition as well as those that were fair, good or something less. Each owner will be able to see  how their deck was rated once inspections are completed.
    • The report is highly detailed and too long and complex to include in these minutes. Report will be available at, or after, the annual meeting in July.
    • There is a request by the committee to have the 4 repaired and exposed decks completed with the chosen vinyl to prevent repeat damage.
    • Motion to approve $11,000 out of the reserve funds to take care of the very high priority repairs. We will sort out the billing to the homeowners for the repairs after we hear back from the attorney regarding what our by-laws allow and how that plays in with state law. Motion to approve by Colleen Daleabout, 2nd by Ted Hanbury. Approved unanimously.
    • Committee will design an inspection process for the upper decks and a plan for snow removal from decks. And if tile and membrane decks degrade to the point of needing replacement, all owners will be required to replace with the designated and approved vinyl.
      (side note: this report and inspection process took many many hours and involved many people, including contractors and tradesmen and we were not charged by any of them)
  7. Reserve fund Study
    Sewell Engineering recommended we contact Path Criterion Engineers to find out the cost to do a reserve fund study. Criterion gave us a budget level assessment after viewing the property on Google Maps. They didn’t come on site because they require a contract to go to that level.  They said that for about $9000 we could get roof, parking lot, exterior surfaces, flood zone areas, Seawall, clubhouse, decks, windows and doors and a random sampling of the crawl space inspections. The company will tell us when each of these areas will need to be fixed. This report would allow for adjusting the dues structure to plan for future expenses.
  8. Flooding in Buildings H and I
    Both buildings are low and susceptible to ground water as well as slope from the lawns and the rain gutters. There is a suggestion to buy a sump pump and run a line into the parking lot drain that will then carry the water to the lake.
  9. Upcoming Board Positions open for July 2024
    • Jennifer Johnson and Laura Deland’s terms are completed and neither are going to run again.
    • Taran White (term ends in 2025) resigned when he and his wife had a baby. Ted Hanbury was appointed as his replacement and will need to be approved by the homeowners at the general meeting.
    • Mike Riach (term ends in 2026) sold his unit and Peggy Peterson was appointed to take his place. She will also have to be approved at the general meeting.
      This means that 2 positions will need to be filled and 2 will have to be approved
  10. Budget
    • There are still several questions around the budget that need to be clarified and the new bookkeeper wants to do some more work on it before we make it final. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 

Respectively submitted,

Jennifer Johnson