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January 15, 2024, at 6:00 p.m.

Call to order: 6:02pm 

Attendees: Laura Deland: President, Mike Riach: VP, Colleen Daleabout: Treasurer, Jennifer Johnson: Secretary, Sydney McNeal, Don Bell, Ted Hanbury, Josh Wykel: manager, various homeowners.

Minutes approved from October 25 meeting

Financial Report: Through the end of 2023. Financial statement is posted on the website.


  1. $20,000 was transferred into the reserve fund that is not showing up yet. That will be corrected. That means our reserved account is actually $239,000 instead of $219,000.
  2. Some checks were paid on the decks that came out of the general fund and were supposed to come out of the reserves. Approximately $12-13,000. That will be corrected in the financials for January.

Chris Dredge is paid up for deck work. He was paid out of the reserve funds and when the homeowner reimburses the association, the money will go back into the reserve fund.

The reserve fund was used for sewer repairs. $6,000 plus $16,000 for lift station repair.

Finances are looking really good at this point due to not having much in snow removal expenses.

Balance in the operating account at the end of 2023 was $17,804. The only outstanding bill is for the camouflaging screens for the AC’s. That will eventually be reimbursed by the application fees for AC installations.

*Motion to approve financial report by Jennifer. 2nd by Mike. Passed unopposed

Manager’s Report:

  • Front Gate – Still looking for software bids that are affordable. Highest bid was $37,000. High Country Automation out of Athol is the most promising possibility so far. Josh is waiting on bid. Has had trouble finding a third bid.
  • Back Man Gate – within 12 hours of its installation, someone had ripped it off and laid it on the grass
  • Josh has been spending most of his time under the buildings on heater and water issues.
  • Cameras were installed in October in the clubhouse and tennis courts. In spring, cameras on pools and docks and back of property will be installed. They will be point to zoom. Would like to put one on the back gate and dog area also. At that point the property will be fairly fully covered.
  • We have signs to put up that say this property is under video surveillance. “You are on Camera-24 hour Surveillance”
  • Storage sheds – Chris Dredge is doing the deck work so he gets first shot at the storage units. He has also been the best bid. Out of respect for his commitment to Condo Del Sol Josh recommends that the board needs to consider him first and foremost as we move forward on the storage units. If we don’t, we risk acquiring a bad reputation within the community in regards to all future services…snow removal, lawn care, repairs etc.
  • Josh reported that a new owner was under the impression that when he bought his unit, the unit came with a storage unit and the new owner believed that he owned the storage unit.

SPECIAL NOTE: All storage units are owned by the HOA. All docks are owned by the HOA. When the original storage units and the docks were built, the building costs were funded by individual owners who signed up for a storage unit or a dock. They were given a set number of years rent free in exchange for covering the building costs. They were also given first right of refusal when it came time to pay the annual rent and they could (per the lease) assign that first right of refusal to a new owner if they sold their unit. If you are going to sell your unit, please be clear with the new owner that if you are passing on your right to use the storage unit or dock, there will be an annual rent due every year. 


The decks continue to offer challenges. The decks, according to the bylaws belong to the HOA as a “limited common area” which means that deck is reserved for the exclusive use of the owner and is not available to the entire HOA.

The by-laws also state that the HOA can commission repairs and work to be done and then bill the homeowner.

We’ve had some instances where the decks have leaked into both the connected unit and the units below leading to some expensive damage.

Damage has varied between units. Some of the units have been pushed out and the deck is enclosed within the unit. So the weather exposure has been limited. Some units have a great deal of exposure to the sun, wind and rain and have experienced damage. Others, by virtue of their facing direction, have very little exposure and thus the damage is less. Therefore, the amount of work to be done on each deck can vary.

The board is forming a deck committee to come up with a process for evaluating the decks and determining the amount of repair to be done. Ted Hanbury has agreed to be the board liaison between the board and the committee. Chris Bradley and Terry Lederhouse have both volunteered to be on the committee.

Motion made by Laura to have Ted Hanbury head up the deck committee. 2nd by Don. Approved by all. Ted agreed to take this on. Asked for 8 weeks to look at all the issues and come back with a report. 

Water Shut off Valves:

  • Because of frequency of pipes breaking, the association installed water shut off valves for each unit.
  • We also have heaters under each of the units in the crawl space to help prevent freezing pipes.
  • When we get a cold spell, the heaters can’t keep up with heating the space and all the heaters coming on simultaneously tend to blow fuses.


  • One possible mitigation to help with the crawl space issues will be to use styrofoam board to insulate under all the units. One owner did that when he remodeled his unit after a major flood and he hasn’t had a broken pipe since he did that. The board is thinking that a very inexpensive solution to the winter pipes breaking will be to move forward with insulating under all the units before our next winter.

Emergency plan: If an owner has an emergency, the board needs to come up with a plan for who to call in the event of an emergency.

  1. If it is a disturbing the peace issue, call the police.
  2. If there is water leaking, shut off the water valves that might be contributing to the problem.

The board will create a plan that will be posted on the website with a plan of actions for various events. It will include approved vendors that are familiar with Condo Del Sol. The plan can be printed and posted in each unit if an owner rents their unit. Any owner or renter can access any water shut off valve by opening the lock box next to the valves and getting the key. The key opens all locks. The lockbox code is 1234.


Improvements to the common areas:

Bob Newcomb has done some research regarding possible recreational improvements around the property to facilitate socializing and improve the connectedness at the condos.

  1. Natural Gas fueled common area fire pit. Put one on each side. Price can range from about $4500-6000. He provided a drawing rendition of what they would look like
  2. Suggested a pool table and some nice chairs and tables in the upstairs of the clubhouse. Some owners also volunteered to donate some things like pinball machine and other video type games. Possibly a game table with 4-6 chairs.
  3. Put in a Bocce Ball court between the tennis courts and parking lot.
  4. Horseshoe pits

Bob will take the lead on this one.

*Sydney suggested we create a 1, 5 and 10 year plan with each of the improvements listed and the cost and how to prioritize them.

*Ted suggested a line item in the budget of maybe $5000 for “community enhancement”.

Meeting adjourned at 8:04.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary