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CDS Quarterly Board Meeting

April 22, 2022

Called to order at 7:03 pm

Attendees: Scott (Manager) Jennifer Johnson;secy, (zoom) Chris Bradley;president, Mike Riach, (zoom),  Laura Deland, Cory Thompson (treasurer),Colleen Daleabout.

Owners present: Christy Nauta, Constantia (247), Manchester and others not identified.

Previous meeting minutes approved.


What is the $114,000 in liabilities? The balance of expenses for the rest of the year. We have just about reached our goal of having $300,000 in reserves.

Colleen motioned to approve financial statement as prepared by Marianne. Laura seconded.

All in favor.

Manager’s report:

*Works in progress: gates on back side are almost in. One existing post failed so it has to be re-installed.

Front posts and gates are scheduled to be installed and then the work on the side walls will be done.

*Pedestrian gate in back will be installed after new post is installed. It will be a coded gate.

*Concrete walkways in building I are scheduled to be lifted so ground can be leveled. They will then be set back in place. (post meeting note: once lifted it was discovered that the walkway slabs had been poured not formed. They had also been poured on top of electrical wires that became embedded in the cement. So walkway repairs will have to go back to the drawing board.)

*We are creating a secured, locked area that will be covered for the storage of bikes. It will be located back by work shed.

*Lawn maintenance guy has started and a couple of gals that did flower beds for us last year will be back this year. They are efficient and thorough.

*Storage units: The concrete company that Scott found is reasonably priced. We have to wait on their schedule so there is no firm date for pouring of the slabs.

*Docks-There will be running water on the docks this year.

*Parking Lot-has been put on hold since the cost of the asphalt has skyrocketed. Scott will have the company cut out the really bad areas, replace them, seal and then paint the stripes. It will get us through another year until costs come back to something reasonable.

*Pools- Plan is to have them open by Lost in the 50’s.

*Maintenance-  Scott had a guy bid power washing all the buildings. He came back with $13,000. has set things back a bit. Scott said no so he is doing it himself for less than $3000.

*Window washing- Scott is getting bids on having the outside windows washed. More on that later.

*We are hoping to have cameras on the bikes, paddleboards, pools, docks, etc. Discussed placing “this complex is under surveillance” signs.

*We are not changing the pumps for irrigation this year. We had planned on buying a new larger pump that would shorten the number of hours at night that the irrigation runs. But the cost of the new pump went from $3000 to over $17,000. We will look at it again next year in hopes the costs have come back down.

Building Signs:

Colleen has worked with a local company for a sign showing the entire complex to be placed by the office. She will also look for a source to make letters and numbers to place on each building. Colleen found that it was more cost effective to buy them online. They can be metal or any other material we choose.

Owner contact information: Discussion about having owners list their names, unit numbers and contact information in the owner’s section of the website. Then if there is a problem with a renter, or a plumbing break, adjacent owners will be able to contact the owner.

Pipes under Buildings: Last fall a pipe under building E developed a small hole and it flooded the space under 4 of the units in the building. There is 105lbs of pressure. There are 6 of those pipes under each unit and the cost to replace them all is astronomical. So we will adopt a wait and see approach. Someone suggested reducing the pressure but that is what is delivered from the city. It is possible that we can put pressure reducers at each building. Scott will look into that and report at the Annual Meeting.

Deck Covering: Randy Manion in 122 ordered an “approved” indoor outdoor carpet for his deck and when the company came to install it, he was told that it was not for outdoor areas and installing it on the deck would void the warranty. Yet it was the covering that the company (carpet one) had installed on other decks and they’d marketed it as an outdoor carpet. Scott is in negotiation with the company to offer some kind of remuneration to owners who installed it under the notion that it was for outdoor areas. Scott will report his finding at the annual meeting. The company also claims they have a product for the decks that is truly weather proof. More on that when we find out more.

New Railing: The board has been discussing replacing the pole railing on the wall. We are considering trying a new post and horizontal wire around the small inlet on the south end of the property to see if we like it. Part of the discussion has included moving the railing onto the grass approximately 3 feet from the sea wall with a hard packed path between the grass and the wall. This would create a safe barrier and also allow people who park on the wall during the day to be able to get off their boats and onto the property. A horizontal wire railing mounted on the wall would eliminate access to the laws from the water. More information at the annual meeting.

Internet: Vyve has guaranteed 1 gig per unit. We have installed their equipment in 4 buildings. There have been problems with upload and download speeds. We are going to require them to test in all the buildings they’ve installed before we move forward with other buildings. We are moving forward with caution.

**Constantina pointed out that some of the private/owner’s information is on the general website and not in the password protected. She requested that the protected information be moved the the secured area.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm to executive session.