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December 15, 2022
Meeting held via Zoom

Board members present: Mike Riach; President, Jennifer Johnson; Secretary, Laura Deland; VP, Colleen Daleabout; Treasurer, Sydney McNeal, Taran White, Chris Bradley

Meeting called to order at 5:31pm

Purpose of meeting:

  1. To discuss Marianne’s announcement to retire as our accountant and her replacement.
  2. Payment to Scott for work done outside the scope of work he contracted for.


  • Marianne announced that she is retiring at the end of the year.
  • Marianne suggested that we hire a bookkeeper and not go with an accounting firm that would cost us more.
  • Scott started looking for bookkeepers
  • He came across Laurie, who is actually living at the condos. She gave us her resume and is a perfect fit for our association. She knows quickbooks and is actually certified as a trainer. She owned her own business in Hawaii. She worked at Schweitzer. No check writing privileges. 2 board members will be the signers on the accounts and Marianne will phase out as a signer.
  • Her fee would be $25/hour. Since she is retired and just looking for a small side gig, she also said she would be willing to help with the pools during the summer.
  • Laura Deland proposed a background check.
  • Mark Johnson ran a background check through a program he subscribes to and her name didn’t even come up.
  • She wants to be an independent contractor.
  • Marianne will do the taxes for 2022.
  • We will still need to hire an accountant at the end of 2023 to do taxes. Bookkeeper will prep the information to go to the accountant.

Additional compensation to Scott to match our contract with him:

  • His contract for 2022 was supposed to be $55,000 and we mistakenly paid only $45,000
  • Scott has also done work that was supposed to be done by sub-contractors when the subs failed to show. The board voted to pay him for work that he did that was supposed to be done by subs and was not in our contract with him.
  • Laura proposed that we pay Scott the money that he was shorted, and for the sub-contracted work that he performed that wasn’t in our contract with him.
  • Mike made a motion to bring Scott’s compensation up to the agreed upon $55,000. 2nd by Taran. Passed by all.
  • 2023 contract amount for management will be $52,000 since we are adding an assistant manager position.
  • Motion by Jennifer to compensate Scott for work performed outside of his contract up to $5000 including but not limited to, snowplowing, plumbing repairs, sprinkler maintenance and repair. 2nd by Colleen. Passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:04pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary