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Friday, July 8, 2022
Clubhouse and Zoom

Meeting called to order at 6:10 after a technical delay with Zoom

Board Members Present: Chris Bradley-President, Whitney Pearson-VP, Jennifer Johnson-Secretary, Cory Thompson-Treasurer, Laura Deland, Coleen Daleabout, Mike Riach (zoom)

Candidate Introductions: Randy Manion (write in) introduced himself, Colleen Daleabout introduced herself, Bob Newkirk introduced himself over zoom and Laura read his written introduction, Sydney McNeal-her introduction was read by Laura, Taran White is fishing in Alaska at this time, Christy Nauta-introduced by Manager Scott until she was able to get a connection to talk personally.

Miscellaneous while waiting for a quorum count:

*Laura commented on all the volunteers that work on behalf of CDS and mentioned Marianne Bachus who is a CPA and handles our accounting.


Managers Report:

*Special thanks to Peggy (owner) who got the pizzas and water for the meeting

*Thanks to Roy (owner) who is doing a great job with the pools in the evening and misc extras.

*Thanks to the various owners for helping Scott throughout the year.

*Stated that we are behind in various building projects due to people not showing up, increased costs of materials, and multiple delays for various reasons.

*Projects will get done as Scott is able to do them (Gates, storage units, perimeter fencing)

*Commented on the fact that this has been the hardest year at the condos since he started

*Gates went from $8000 to $28,000 and Scott decided to wait till they came back down. All the projects have gone through similar cost changes and people not showing up.

*Scott has no dates on any project as of the meeting since he has to count on other people who aren’t showing up. Projects will be completed when we see them done!

*Windows were cleaned this year and will be done once a year going forward.

*Roy commented on how much Scott’s phone rings that continually interrupts his job which makes it difficult to get things completed.

Call for the Vote

Call for Approval of the budget for 2022: Motion to approve budget, seconded, passed on a verbal vote.

Unfinished Business:

*Internet has been a fiasco. Vyve promised us everything that they couldn’t deliver. We tried working with them and they repeatedly failed so the Board chose to terminate our dealings with Vyve.

*Ting came in with a 5 year contract for $33/month/unit. Speeds were reduced to 500upload/500 download. Ting will replace the existing routers with ones that are more effective. If someone wants a faster speed they can pay individually for an upgrade to 1gig. Ting will come to the condos on a predesignated date to show owners how to stream TV so we can eventually terminate Vyve”s (the old Northland) cable. It is antiquated and hasn’t worked in some buildings for years and Northland wouldn’t fix the problem.

*Laura asked owners to call the police if there are issues with parties, disturbances, etc. If we call Scott in the middle of the night, he is simply going to call the police. So please bypass calling Scott and simply call the police.

*Owner asked if pets are allowed inside the pool fence. The owner had looked at the pool rules and there was no mention of pets. Discussed creating a new sign for the pool that includes no pets, no diapers, no smoking or vaping etc.

*John Sherrick expressed concerns over the 2021 financial report and encouraged all owners to review the report.

New Business:

*Wayne Brown (106) spoke about noise cancelling material between the upper and lower units. They just gutted and re-did their unit and he requested a change in the by-laws that would require owners who are  remodeling their unit put in a 12 decibel noise cancellation product between the upper and lower floors. Chris commented that we may be able to accomplish that with a rule change and invited Wayne to attend the next meeting to address this issue.

*Randy Manion brought up the rule that disallows renters from having pets and he is concerned that non-owners are still having pets. Also expressed concern over the liability of creating a pathway along the seawall and concern over boats tying up at the seawall. Chris responded that the board was only involved in discussing possibilities for future changes around the wall and possible new fencing and that no decisions have been made or are under immediate consideration.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary

Note: New board members won’t be announced until Monday. The votes cast through zoom are temporarily unavailable. We will consult Josh, who handles our website, to find out where they went and to recover them so they can be counted.