April 5, 2022/continued April 7, 2022

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ATTENDEES: Mike Riach, Colleen Daleabout, Laura Deland/Treasurer, Jennifer Johnson/Sec’y, Scott Kindred/Manager.  Absent: Chris Bradley, Cory Thompson, Whitney Pearson

PURPOSE: To review, adjust and approve/deny the Scope of Work (SOW) presented by Vyve for installation of Internet and TV throughout the property of CDS. Vyve required a decision/approval by close of business 4/7/22 in order to commit their construction crew to the project so as to be completed by summer of 2022.

Meeting commenced at 5:06pm via zoom.

*Mike gave a revamp of the history of discussions between board members and vyve representatives and the promises made by the marketer that were a misrepresentation of what Vyve could provide.

*Vyve wired and set up modems in all units of building I. They then ran tests on quality of reception with the existing coaxial wire and then hooked up an external new wire to compare the quality of the picture. There was no noticeable difference observed by Scott, Mike and Colleen. Based on that test, it was concluded that Vyve would most likely be able to use the existing “in wall” wire in most of the units. The quality was also tested on the third floor of the upper units. It still comes in like the old cable whether we used new or the existing. The new cable didn’t change the quality of TV service above what currently exists.

*We will have all new wire under the condos and new splitters, and the wire that goes into the walls to hook up to the TVs will remain the same unless the quality of the picture is less than what would be reasonable to expect.

*There were 3 things that we required before approving Vyve: 1. Test the new wire against the old wire.  2. We needed speed testing to verify we were getting what was promised.  3. Commitment by Vyve to cover the cost of pulling any new wires in the walls for units that were underperforming on TV.

*We reviewed each point on the SOW and made edits and changes to clarify details, re-state some of the promises around monthly cost, one free month, etc.

* Scott sent each attendee to the meeting an article he found in the paper from 2018, where Northland (Vyve bought Northland) stated that they offered the best digital and Hi Def technology service in the Sandpoint area. Since Vyve was claiming that our TV service would only ever be analog, we halted the meeting to allow Mike to ask for an explanation of why we were getting analog if they had digital available.

Continuance of meeting, to be completed after additional information is acquired and edits are completed. 

MEETING CONTINUED ON 4/7/22. CALLED TO ORDER AT 12:43PM via phone conference call.

*Final scope of work with the required edits was presented by Mike.

*Vyve clarified that they were providing a box that gives analog service for basic TV service. But each unit has the option of ordering an upgraded package with different equipment if they want more options for TV. They are basically providing Internet and then continuing TV as previously provided.

*Motion by Jennifer to accept the Vyve SOW. Seconded by Laura. Approved by all in attendance. (4 members)

*Laura will sign and send the SOW to Tammy at Vyve.

*Meeting included a quorum of the board. Mike reiterated that this meeting was called by 2 board members and all members were given at least 8 hours of notice per the bylaws.

Meeting adjourned at 1:05pm

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary.