Present at the meeting

Cory Thompson, Chris Bradley, Whitney Pearson, Scott Soderstrom, Laura Deland, (all meet in the club house) and Mike Riach- Via conference call.

Last meeting minutes. Laura brought the motion and Cory seconded it. Approved by all.

Last Quarter Financial Statement was approved by all. Cory brought the motion and Whitney seconded it.

Budget from last year was approved by all. Laura brought the motion and Chris Seconded it.

Projected budget for this year was approved by all. Cory brought the motion and Scott seconded it.

Expenses are up from large increase in flood insurance. Should not have to increase dues. Current goal is to put $15,000 into savings per quarter.

Covid issues addressed. We will follow recommendations from the State.

Costco Gazebo was approved for an estimated $2,900 from Costco to put by the barbeque. Approved by all. Scott brought the motion and Cory seconded the motion.

Air conditioning; Jeff Grady signed off the complaint from HUD. Everyone is allowed to have a/c units. They need to apply on CDS’s website, get approved, and then we have one contractor allowed to install the approved unit.

Easement. We all agreed not to allow for an easement for the grocery outlet. Cory brought the motion and Chris Seconded the motion.

Waiting on a Variance for the front gate from the city. Cory and Scott are working on this.

Parking lot. Scott is working on.

We all agreed security needs to be increased. Looking to install cameras and change the pool gates to a key card. Last gate locks got broken by people that still think CDS is a public pool. This train of thought could become a big liability to the CDS.

All roofs will need to be replaced starting in 5 years. The idea is we replace 1 building’s roof per year with extra cash flow we receive and will not have to come up with an assessment or increase our dues.

Sea Wall. Scott is measuring to see if it moved in the last year. Mike and Scott have come up with a cost effective solution that will serve as a board walk and we will be able to change out the fence. More to come.

Storage units are moving forward. Scott Soderstrom is working with Scott on the permits and design. Financing will be the same as the docks.

Internet Ting Whitney is working with Northland to come up with a better option then Ting. Looking to see if we can get out of the contract with Ting. Sounds like we will save money and have better options.

Spokane Attorney we owe late fees on our past due bill which we have not paid because they over billed us by $30,000, per the Judge. Looking into the most cost effective way to put this behind us. Scott is calling our attorney to get his recommendation.

Committees are encouraged. At least one board member to serve on each committee. Possible Committees, grounds, dogs, boat docks, and parking.


Term limits; We all agreed 4 terms maximum for board members. Cory brought the motion and Chris seconded it.

No short or long term renters may have dogs here forward. Current renters are grandfathered in. We all agreed. Chris brought the motion and Cory seconded it.

11/8/20 Zoom Meeting

Term time frames

Chris Bradley 3 years, Cory Thompson 3 years, Whitney Pearson 2 years, Scott Soderstrom 2 years.

Chris Bradley President

Whitney Pearson Vice President

Laura Deland Treasure and Secretary

Cory Thompson Board member

Mike Riach Board Member

Scott Soderstrom Board Member

Jennifer Johnson Board Member