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July 3, 2020 

Board Members Present: Carol Waldenberg-President, Kerry Beasley-VP, Jennifer Johnson-Secy, Laura Deland-Treasurer, Joe Plizga, John Sherrick,  (Meeting held on Zoom due to Covid 19)

Others Present: Scott Kindred-Manager, Randy Manion (122), Warren Santoro (203), Alex and Bill Sutton (220), Tom Theron (122)

Call to Order:  President called the meeting to order at 5:09 pm.

Board Minutes from April meeting: Approved

Homeowners Concerns:

*Dan Hall has requested that we open the back gate for convenience. Board voted no for the same reasons it was originally locked—to stop members of the community from using it as a shortcut to the highway. The back gate is for emergencies only.

Corrections to the January minutes

*changed electrical from 2018 to 2019

*Extraordinary Repairs fund is $197,000 not $148,00

Jennifer made a motion to accept minutes with the changes. Laura seconded. Approved

Financial Statements for the 1st qtr of 2020

Reviewed financials with Marianne.

Approved by Laura and 2nd by Mike. Approved

Current Financials:

Marianne has made our numbers easier to read. You can find the financials on the website.

Discussed the preparation of this years tax return.

Manager’s Report:

  • Year started wet. Difficult to turn on sprinklers this year

*North pool, with all the water on the ground made access difficult at times. Scott built a platform to mitigate that.

*Landscape on north pool was fixed to match the landscaping done on south pool end of summer 2019.

*Due to covid, some costs quadrupled (pool supplies) and became hard to acquire. Difficult to find people to work on the property due to the stimulus. Clubhouse has been closed.

*Roofs on 6 of the buildings have been de-mossed. The last 3 will be completed the first week of July.

*Weeded, transplanted, mulched all the flowerbeds. Excess plants were re-located. Front entrance beds were re-done and 63 yards of mulch were applied to the beds. Weed barrier was added under the decks of all the units to block unwanted growth. Grass has been sprayed for weeds and fertilizer. Lawns are greening nicely

*Added deck support under railings on 5 of the buildings.

*Pools were ready to be opened in early May this year but state ordered them kept closed.

*Battle with geese continues over turf war on our grass.

*Water shutoff valves are sticking in some units in every building. Scott will troubleshoot and report at next meeting. He’s called an electrician to come in and go under the building to see if it is electrical in nature.

*We’ll spend rest of this year maintaining the flowerbeds. Should not be planting anymore this year.

*Working on bringing the lawns back where they have been damaged by the geese.

*Painting to be done on the storage shed

*Touch up painting will be done on buildingNEWs throughout complex including some of the stairway bolts.

*Will be working under the buildings: Finish the vapor barrier under 4 more buildings and then sprayed with the foam insulation. Heaters and thermostats will also be done. Our heating costs this year during winter were way lower due to the vapor barriers that were installed last year. They should get even lower once the insulation is sprayed in. The heaters should probably only be needed minimally this next year once this project is completed.

*End of the season we will be changing the heat exchanger on the south pool. It’s leaking and going out. It will last this season and the cost will go down after season is over. To buy it now would cost about $3500. At end of season cost should be about $2500.

*Have been working on replacing the worst pieces of concrete walkways. Working on getting bids on doing the entire project. Once we have those numbers and depending on the weather this fall, Scott will try to have that one completed before summer of 2021.


Marianne was available by phone if we had questions.

*We spent over $2000 to put keypad locks and do the accompanying welding on the 4 pool gates and the tennis courts. Scott has fixed one of the gate keypads and handles 4 times now. Someone is really reefing on it intentionally and repeatedly damaging it. Scott has now started a blog on the website and reports on things that are happening around the complex.

*Landscape budget clarified. Scott has lumped capital improvements into landscape temporarily. They will be accounted into the appropriate categories by Marianne by end of year. So though it looks like we are over budget, we aren’t. If you divide out payroll from landscape, we are way under budget.

*Insurance company still owes us money from the windstorm damage. They have not settled on the cost of the roof damage yet from the storm. Potentially $3000 outstanding.

*Gazebo replacement: City wants us to pay an engineering fee of $2500 to get a stamp. That is more than the cost of the gazebo.

*Sewer number: we have 2 sewer accounts with the city. It was a utility charge that got billed into the sewer repair account. That will be corrected by the city.

Homeowners Concerns:

*Concern from one owner that last year’s meeting was not valid due to no quorum. She wanted to know what our plans were going forward to make sure the next meeting was legal so the budget could be a legally approved budget. Kerry explained that we would be contacting all owners to ensure a quorum for the 2020 annual meeting.



*Still having issues with dogs pooping and owners not picking it up.

*Scott picked up (along with another owner) hundreds of pounds of poop this spring/summer

*Townspeople have been bringing their dogs to run and poop on the lakebed using our stairs to access it.

*Discussion of banning dogs as a last resort.

*Owner/guest spoke up that it would be unfair to punish the responsible owners for the irresponsible ones.

*Discussed the possibility of requiring all dog owners have their dogs DNA tested ($35) and then if poop is found on the property, send in a sample and the homeowner who owns the dog will be fined. This will be discussed at a larger homeowner meeting.

Misconduct on the part of Renters:

*Many owners are still renting their units for less than the 7 day minimum

*Owners aren’t supplying copies of the rules to the renters.

*Discussion of how much fines should be and how to enforce the rules/policies/procedures.

*A guest attendee suggested that we send certified warning letters about rental violations and then restrict them from the privilege of renting. Kerry suggested we ask our attorney if we can legally do that.

*Another guest attendee suggested we require all renters to leave a deposit with the HOA for rules violations. 

Boat/trailer parking:

*Scott tried to arrange with the Cox group to let us park trailers on the empty lot behind the riverside building. No luck so he has made arrangements to park trailers out in a ponderay storage facility. Still having a problem with people leaving their trailers in the parking lot. When one person leaves their trailer, then others decide they can leave theirs also.

*When people don’t turn in the required rental forms, it is difficult to find out who owns the trailers. Discussed putting a lock on the trailer with a note to come to the office to have the lock removed. A fine would have to be paid to have the lock removed.

Front Gate:

*We are about $12,000 for a front gate. A couple of owners don’t want a gate. They are unaware of the volume of non-residents who use CDS grounds and amenities as their own personal getaway. This represents a huge liability in spite of have the property posted and signed. We will announce the magnitude of the liability issue at the general meeting.


*Reiterated our intention to promote the owner use of the website for improved communication. Goal is to have everything posted on the website so owners can stay up to date on everything pertaining to the complex.

*All quarterly assessments are going out via email and they are getting paid so we are assuming that everyone is getting information regarding the website.

*We have 2 facebook setups. One is public for anyone and one is private for CDS owners only. Marianne will be in charge of accepting people into the private group when a request is received.


Annual Meeting:

We are going to schedule the annual meeting as a zoom event towards the end of the summer. Possibly Labor Day weekend. We will announce it later in the summer.


Discussed safety protocols complex wide in the event someone on the property tests positive for covid. We are going to ask residents to respect others if they’ve been exposed and refrain from using the pools, bbqs, tennis courts and any other public area in the complex. We also are asking that if someone tests positive that they self quarantine and wear a mask when out and about on the property.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary.