Condo Del Sol

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes July 12, 2019

Board Members present: Carol Waldenberg-President, Kerry Beasley-VP, Laura Deland-Treasurer, Jennifer Johnson-Secretary, John Sherrick-Director, Joe Plizga-Director, Mike Riach (conference call) Director

Call to order: President called meeting to order at 8:12pm. All members waived requirement of notice.

Discussed incident over the weekend of the drunken event in unit 206. Kerry and Carol had reviewed the by-laws for information on sub-letting. It is not addressed nor forbidden. Tabled further discussion and possible action to take till next meeting.

7 Day Minimum Rental: Discussed the minimum rental period at length. Determined that we must enforce all the by-laws when we have knowledge that they are being violated. Reviewed the state statue on fining that requires we give any homeowner a 30 day notice to appear at a designated board meeting before we can fine.

Etiquette: Discussed an appropriate way to approach people on the property to determine if they belong there or are from the community enjoying our amenities.

Pickleball Courts: Discussed the use of all amenities in regards to the scheduled use of groups from outside the complex and organized by an owner. Kerry is going to check with our insurance agent as to how a claim would be covered if a group were using the courts as an organized group with guests not connected to CDS. A temporary statement of policy is: All amenities at CDS are for the exclusive use of owners, renters and guests of such. For liability purposes, organized community groups are not allowed to use the amenities.

Once we hear from our insurance agent, we will fine tune the policy.

Event Policy: In the future we will create a check list of what will be required when an owner wants to schedule an event at CDS. We will also define exactly what qualifies as an event.

 Door Hardware: Discussed at length whether or not new standardized door hardware should be mandatory. There are some owners who want to change their locks in the very near future and some who don’t want to since theirs is not broken. If all locks are changed simultaneously the cost is roughly

$280/door. We also discussed the complexity of changing out the front doors since all the door jambs and openings are not exactly the same. Motion: John Sherrick made a motion that any locks changed from this point forward must use the Schlage lock listed for CDS at Idaho Lock and Key picked by Mike Riach, in that specific color and style and installed by North Idaho Lock and Key for master key purposes. Kerry Beasley seconded and the motion carried. (6 yes and 1 abstention)

Air Conditioning: On 7/18/19 a vendor from Seattle will come over to show Scott an AC that he thinks might work for the condos.

RV Parking: A pending buyer of a condo wanted to know if he could park his RV in the parking lot. Yes under the following conditions: It is a primary mode of transportation, fits the length of the parking space without hanging over the grass, is not lived or slept in and does not exceed the 2 allowed parking spaces allotted the unit.

Cameras: The cameras in the clubhouse are no longer working. They are also such poor quality that we could never get any useful information from them. Discussed looking into new cameras and placing them in

the clubhouse, docks, tennis courts, office, driveway entry, storage area, trash cans and possibly pools. Scott would then be able to see what is going on property wide when in the office doing paperwork. They would be wireless which would be possible with Ting. Joe will look into the types and costs of new cameras.

Parking Permits: Kerry shared how her Hawaii condos handle parking permits. Joe and Kerry will look into it and get back to the board with options.


*An owner suggested we install some kind of fence at the dog potty area so it is clearly marked. Board said no based on the additional difficulty that would present to mowing.

*Terry Lederhausen requested that we put signs on the railing at the lake regarding no pet defacating along the lake wall. Jennifer asked him to figure out the language and research the cost and where we can order them and how many and report back to the board.

*Laura Deland suggested we put signs on the inside of the pool regarding no glass in pool area.

*Joe suggested we provide shirts to workers for when they are on the property that identify them as employees. The members of the board thought that would be a good idea. No action taken.

*Snow Removal: Due to the fact that our snow removal was so unsatisfactory last winter, Scott looked into other options. He found a skidster that the condos could own, pay for it with snow removal money and have it paid off in 5 years. We will discuss it at length in a future meeting.

*Entry Gate: Due to community members freely using our pool and lawns and also coming onto the property to dump trash into our dumpsters, Joe is going to look into the cost of installing an entry gate and keypad.

*Flower Beds: Briefly discussed a drastic solution to the overgrown flower beds…Tear everything out, kill the weeds, install road building barrier cloth, plant small growing perennials and cover the open area with washed rock. We will explore the details of that in future meeting.

*Noise from the convenience store car wash: Tread lightly for now. We may need to go through their property to access the lake wall replacement project. Also we use their electricity for our entry sign. It was also mentioned that they should pay for part of the snow removal from the driveway.

Grady Case: John spoke with Eric Steven – an attorney who specializes in landlord issues. John gave him the information on our case. He said the Intermountain Fair Housing Alliance is supposed to only take cases for economically challenged people. So they should not be representing Grady. He will review it and get back to us. There will be a cost.

The meeting was adjourned at about 10:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Jennifer Johnson, secretary