Condo Del Sol Board of Directors Minutes

July 1, 2021

In the Clubhouse

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Call to Order and Roll Call: Chris Bradley, Pres; Whitney Pearson, VP; Laura Deland, Treas; Jennifer Johnson, Secy; Corey Thompson, Mike Riach via phone. Scott Soderstrom absent.
Scott Kindred, Manager

Approval of Minutes from April 17, 2021 meeting:

Mike wanted to discuss the size of the reserve account set at a goal of $300,000. He thought it should be less. Rest of the board chose to keep it at that number as it had been voted on at the meeting. Minutes were approved as is with 5 voting yes and 1 voting no.

Approval of financial statement thru June 2021:

Motion by Laura to approve. 2nd by Jennifer. All in favor

Manager’s Report:

*Scott inherited some new projects. Our landscape company cancelled the contract due to being understaffed for the number of clients they had taken on. Scott has been taking time away from his projects to fix/replace more sprinkler heads of which we have over 100. Cory met someone who might be able to pick up the slack. Scott will meet with him. Cory also found someone who might be able to complete the shingles on the pavilions and bbq cover. They’ll both be coming to the office to talk with Scott.

*Scott ordered fencing for the south property line behind the basketball court from Northwest Fence. They called to say it was in and he could pick it up. When he drove into Spokane to get it they said it wasn’t there and they couldn’t get anymore. So he checked around and found some at Emerald Fencing. It will be picked up on July 2nd and installed. This fence is temporary until the HOA approves additional storage buildings on the property line. The buildings will then act as a fence and the fence will be re-located to complete the fencing between the tennis courts and the existing fence.

*GATES-Cost has gone from $12,000 to $28,000 for the front and back gates. Scott found a different company from our original one who was less. They require the posts to be set before even fabricating the gates. MOTION: Cory motioned to table the gates till costs come down and we can hire help for Scott to install them. 2nd by Laura. Passed by all.

*It has taken 17 weeks to get a welder to show up as promised to weld a plate on the inside of the pool gates to prevent people from reaching over or through to open the gates without a key. They still need an additional modification to be totally effective. Scott ordered parts for that.

*Projects have been delayed at every turn due to material shortages, labor shortages, vendors not showing up when promised. In spite of that, many significant projects have been mostly completed and the property is looking very good (in spite of the heat wave trying to burn the grass and the landscape company not taking care of the sprinklers per their contract)

*The board expressed heartfelt thanks to Scott for all that has been accomplished even with all the hurdles. We will continue to work on projects as costs come down and labor becomes available. We ask the HOA members to please bear with us through this process.

*Scott installed new access doors under the decks of 107 and 132. They will keep the cold minimized under the building during winter and look really good. They will all be replaced as time and labor permits.

*The letters that we approved to go onto the buildings to identify them are pending. Scott Soderstrom will work with Scott (manager)  to choose a style, size and design.

Annual Meeting: Scheduled for Friday July 23 at 6:00 pm

  • Will be accessible as a physical meeting at the clubhouse as well as on zoom.
  • Voting will be available online the same as last year
  • Owners will be able to complete an online proxy for attendance as well as voting online.
  • 2 board positions are up for re-election: Laura Deland and Jennifer Johnson. Both will run again and you will be able to find an introduction/information for both at the website.
  • Any additional owners who would like to run should also fill out an introduction questionnaire on the website so owners can learn about their candidates. Contact Scott if you need help.
  • The agenda will be posted as we get closer to the meeting.
  • In addition to voting for two board members there are some potential bylaw changes you will be voting on:
    • approving the use of common ground on the south property line (behind the basketball pad) and right angling along the back fence for an additional 44 storage units. This will result in all condos having a storage unit. They will be funded by the owners who currently don’t have one in lieu of rent payments for a set number of years. The concept of additional units was approved years back and we are now approving the use of common ground. This requires a Yes vote of 66 2/3 of the owners. This is long overdue as many owners have waited years for a storage unit.
    • Changing the Declarations to 1 vote per condo. (condos that have combined 2 condos into one will get 2 votes as they are still paying 2 sets of dues) Many owners are unaware that assessments are calculated on weird percentages that were established when the complex was built. Those values were based on the size and view of the particular unit and have been applied to the assessment calculations and to all voting. It is cumbersome for elections. The percentages will still be used for assessments but it would simplify things to move voting to 1vote per condo. (if a super majority of homeowners approve this change, we will have our attorney draft the legalese) 

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn at 7:36pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary