January 13, 2020 

Board Members Present: Carol Waldenberg-President, Kerry Beasley-VP, Jennifer Johnson-Secy, Laura Deland-Treasurer,

Joe Plizga, John Sherrick, Mike Riach (by phone)

Others Present: Scott Kindred-Manager, Marianne Bacchus- Accountant

Call to Order:  President called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm. Reviewed the agenda and announced an Executive Session to follow the meeting.

Approval of prior board minutes: Made a correction to the description of the approved door. Kerry moved that we use the same style of door as the one used in the clubhouse on the manager’s office (in an exterior model). Clarified paint color and that forms are available in the office to put everything in writing. (minutes have subsequently been corrected)

“Must submit an application form to manager that outlines all the specifications.” All owners must supply a new key to any new locks that are installed-even for electronic keypads.

John seconded. Approved by all.

Minutes approved with changes.


Marianne reported: she has completed a comparison between 2018 and 2019.

Highlights: $51,000 in income. Includes the attorney fees reimbursement from the Grady lawsuit.

*Repairs and maintenance were higher in 2018 due to water line replacements and some sewer repairs.

*Electrical was higher in 2018 due to the extreme cold snap that required so much crawl space heater usage.

*Under “other utilities” we always have fire extinguisher inspections.

*In 2019 we kept the pools warmer which was well received by many of the owners.

*Marianne is changing the accounting format to make it easier to read and understand.

*Discussed the logistics of posting the budget and expenses on the website

*No dryer inspection costs showed up in the budget as we had planned. When Scott arranged to have the vents cleaned, he was told that nobody would do it since the lines are only 3”. The current code requires a 4” line so nobody would take on the liability of cleaning a 3” line. No solution at this point.

*Marianne will create a year-end P&L and a budget comparison.

*We are currently building all the reserve funds for upgrades and maintenance projects that we know are coming.

*There is an extraordinary repair and maintenance fund of $148,000 as part of the reserve fund. Total amount of all the designated funds is $255,000.

*Rule of thumb is that we should be putting 10% of our annual billings into reserve. That would mean a minimum of $30,000. We are putting closer to $50,000/year into reserve. Pending projects are Seawall, sidewalks, roof replacement.

*Dock insurance will be paid out of the designated marina fund.

Jennifer made a motion to approve the year-end P&L financials and balance sheet as presented by Marianne. Seconded by Laura and approved.


We asked Scott to print the website address and password on any billings and communications that are sent out.

We are working towards asking all owners to stay up to date by using the condo website.

[email protected]

Manager’s Report:

*Pools were closed and winterized

*All exterior spigots were closed and drained

*All summer equipment has had fluids changed and been winterized

*Fiberglass stakes have been placed to delineate sidewalks and parking lot edges for snow removal

*Roof repaired from storm damage

*Damage from the storm has been repaired with the exception of the replacement of damaged pool furniture and the gazebo. Deductible was $1250 and the final repair cost came in at $8000. We received payment from the insurance company. Scott had to meet with the owner of the insurance agency as the adjuster was a bit of a problem. Insurance owner has promised we won’t ever deal with that adjuster again.

*We are actually building a gazebo this year. (to be done in spring/summer) It was just slightly more than the cost of buying a new one with the insurance money.

*We have a new snow removal vendor. Same company that we hired at the end of the season for lawn care is handling our snow. They are salting, de-icing, come at all hours, are monitoring the quality of their workers, and are doing a really good job. Scott has really scored on finding and hiring them!

*As of this meeting, we’ve had 2 people who have fallen on the property. Though they expressed that it was due to them and not the condition of the property, we have instructed Scott to always file an incident report for our protection.

*Budget has been completed

*We need a new group of subcommittees: Architectural committee, Rules committee needs to reconvene for rules clarifications.

*Ordered the updated version of Quickbooks.

Dues and Assessments:

*Discussion of odd amounts outstanding on quarterly dues.

*Review of by-laws regarding quarterly payments, interest assessments, and late fees.

*Motion by John instructing Scott to add a notation to the next quarterly billing that as of April 1, 2020, there will be a $25.00 late charge added if funds are not received into the office by the 15th of the month they are due. Seconded and approved.

Legal Issues:

*Reviewed Mischelle’s Lien release form.

*Discussed the accruing interest on the money Grady owes the association and what we are going to do about it.

*Discussed how to approach the court’s amended judgment requiring restoration of the landscape and the removal of the remaining exterior portions of the removed AC unit.

Capital Projects for 2020:

*$2246 in budget for painting touchups throughout the complex.

*$6000 for new entry signs and possibly an entry gate. It would be an “arm” style gate. We are attempting to control non-sanctioned use of the property by non-owner/non-residents. We will open this up to homeowner discussion and input before any decisions are made.

        Boat Trailer Parking:

*We have the area behind the storage units for parking. Last year Scott also arranged for boat trailer parking at one of the storage facilities out near Walmart. Didn’t really work very well. This year Scott is going to approach the owner of the empty land behind the Riverside building and see if we can park boat trailers there in exchange for mowing and maintaining the area. Or, if we need to, we will see if we can negotiate a fee for renting the land for the season. No matter what we arrange, the board has decided that there will be a fee for parking trailers this next season. More on this topic from the next board meeting.


Scott continues to explore options for the seawall issue. He is currently exploring an engineered system that would solve the breakdown of the wall AND include a 4’ wide boardwalk as well as a daytime option of tying up boats. As this is just in the exploration stage, we have very limited information. We will open this up for discussion amongst the homeowners when we have a more concrete idea of what the possibilities are. We have asked Scott to measure just how much the wall is moving each year so we know how much time we have before we hit a crisis with it.


We will look at options for replacing sidewalks at the next board meeting.


DOG POOP HAS BECOME A MAJOR PROBLEM!!!! We are going to discuss this problem at length. People are not picking up after their dogs. This is a health problem. If people don’t start being responsible for picking up after their dogs and monitoring their barking, the board will be forced into looking at, once again, banning pets from the property. That is the last thing that the board is interested in doing, so we are looking for guidance from the homeowners in solving this growing problem. We have a dog poop area and we provide dog poop bags. Scott will even snow blow pathways in the dog potty area during the winter. Scott is also looking at installing a split rail fence that clearly identifies the designated dog area. We will also look at creating very expensive fines for violations. We are asking the owners for help in solving this issue!

Motion from Jennifer that we are authorizing Scott to install a split rail fence. Seconded and approved.

Fines: Discussed the process we will use for assessing fines

Scott reported that there is a specific neighbor who walks through our property, smoking and tossing her butts on the ground. He has asked the board what he can do to stop that. We have authorized him to post a no trespassing sign and warn her that she can no longer use our property for a shortcut. He can also tell her that the next time she does it, he can tell her that the board has said “no more” and has instructed him to call the police and file a complaint against her. We have asked him to take a picture of her on our property.

There are also neighbors on the road that exits the back part of the property who use our dog area and poop bags for their dogs. We as owners will start letting them know that this is private property and that the poop bags are for owners of CDS and to please take their dogs elsewhere.

Terms of Board Members:

Up for election: Carol Waldenberg, Kerry Beasley, John Sherrick, Joe Plizga, Mike Riach, and Jennifer Johnson. (All but Laura Deland). Some member’s terms are up and some members were appointed and have to basically be approved.

Carol would like to be off the board.

John, Kerry, Mike, Joe, and Jennifer are willing to stay on the board if the owners re-elect them. They are also willing to be replaced.

Discussion followed of possible owners that might be interested in serving on the board.

Annual General Member Meeting in July:

Motion by Jennifer that the general meeting take place on  Sunday July 5th at 10:00am. Meeting will include a brunch and MIMOSAS.  THIS IS NOT A POTLUCK. EVERYTHING WILL BE PROVIDED. Seconded and approved.

Board Meeting: Friday July 3rd at 5:00pm

Next Board Meeting:

April 17, 2020 @ 2:00pm

4:40pm adjourned for Executive Session.

Respectfully submitted, Jennifer Johnson-Secretary

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