To All Our Fellow Homeowners:

Good news, the prior CDS Board approved an A/C-Heat Pump unit after much research.  The approved contractor has completed a large job in Southern Idaho and is ready to start installing the A/C-Heat Pump units to those so desiring one.  The information sheet and cost for upper and lower units are on the website.  Per the bylaws, the process is to complete the application on the web site, sign, and return it to the CDS Board.  The board then will give the vender and contractor written authorization to install the unit.  Keep in mind you only have approval for the listed contractor and the model listed on the web site.


Board at Condo Del Sol

A/C-Heat Pump Unit Application

The Board has approved an A/C-Heat Pump unit that will meet the needs of the residents while adhering to the bylaws established at Condo Del Sol. 

Due to these bylaws, the Board will approve each application on an individual basis.  Any damage or repairs caused to another condo or common area by the installation, function, or presence of the unit will be the full responsibility of the owner of the installed unit.

Residents who would like to have an A/C-Heat Pump unit installed at their expense please sign and date below.


Board at Condo Del Sol

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